Niamiah Jefferson

Lead Organizer, ARISE

Niamiah Jefferson is a Lead Organizer at ARISE. Before her current role, she was a Youth Leader at ARISE, allowing her to flourish in the various spaces she currently exists in. She is a Senior at Wheaton College and is an Eliza Wheaton Honors Scholar majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice Reform. Niamiah has a deep desire to learn and constantly works to further educate herself. Since she is a strong believer in liberation through education, she uses what she learns to spread her knowledge to others. In addition to Niamiah’s role as a Lead Organizer, she is a student researcher at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Center, at Bradley Children’s Hospital that is implementing interventions on suicide prevention among Juvenile Justice youth. Niamiah hopes to support her community to live both sustainable and fulfilling lives that center joy as it is an act of resistance against the oppressive powers that be.