Jeannie W. Salomon

Founder & Director, Cultural Society

Jeannie W. Salomon is a professional with over fifteen years of non-profit management experience. She is the Founder and Director of the Cultural Society. Jeannie has used her formal training in humanities, business, and education to start the Asian American Connections initiative in the non-profit organization she founded and turned them into many “firsts” in the state of Rhode Island. These included the first,” Uniting the AAPI Community for Change” public art, a three-weekend-long celebration of the AAPI Heritage Month in May 2023, and the exploratory research and creation of the first AAPI history museum for Rhode Island. Jeannie possesses excellent organizational, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills, patience in training young people, and unswerving faith in mentoring those placed on her path. Her desire to be an effective speaker of the social justice movement has never been stronger. Jeannie strives to get rid of the white supremacy beliefs and the misinformation that has been so rampant in the last few years.