Marquis Taylor

Founder, Coaching4Change

Marquis Taylor is a dedicated advocate for educational transformation and an inspirational speaker. With a profound commitment to improving educational outcomes and fostering diversity within the educational workforce, Taylor has built a legacy of positive change through mentorship and innovative initiatives. As the visionary founder of Coaching4Change, Marquis Taylor has touched the lives of numerous young individuals across Massachusetts. The organization has provided invaluable support to students, equipping them with academic and socio-emotional skills while facilitating stronger family and community connections. For Marquis’ unwavering dedication and transformative impact, they have been recognized as a CNN Hero, a recipient of the Bridgewater State University Distinguished Service Award, and an Echoing Green Fellowship. Additionally, the Claniel Foundation has honored Marquis Taylor as an Emerging Leader, highlighting their exceptional contributions to the field. Marquis Taylor went to Stonehill College, where they majored in Communication, afterwards they pursued a Master’s degree in Teaching from Smith College, acquiring the necessary skills to drive meaningful change within the field.