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State Merit Scholarship Programs and Racial Inequity

Don Heller and Patricia Marin

October 2004

For minority and low-income students, unmet financial need—the gap between the costs of attending college and the resources available to students—presents a major barrier to attending college.

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Equity, Governance & Finance, Policy

Critical Hours: Afterschool Programs and Educational Success

Beth Miller

June 2003

What role can afterschool programs play in helping students navigate early adolescence to successful adulthood? This report explores the links between out-of-school time and educational success for middle school students.

Tags: Equity, Learning Time, Youth Development

Diversity Among Equals

Stephen Coelen, Patricia Crosson and Joseph Berger

October 2001

Higher education institutions in New England have made significant investments in equitable access using affirmative action strategies to increase minority student representation—but significant policy barriers continue to impede educational access for low-income and minority populations in the region.

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Equity, Governance & Finance, Policy

Getting Through College: Voices of Low-Income and Minority Students in New England

Colleen O'Brien and Jessica Shedd

February 2001

Financial, academic, and social support are key factors in supporting low-income and minority students to succeed in postsecondary institutions.

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Equity, Governance & Finance, Policy