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Leadership in Action: What Are Personal Learning Plans?

New England Secondary School Consortium

May 2014

Personal learning plans can bring greater focus, direction, and purpose to the decisions students make about their high school education.

Tags: Curriculum & Instruction, Personalization

The New Opportunity to Lead

Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE) and Brightlines

March 2014

This report offers a vision for education in Massachusetts in the next 20 years.

Tags: Governance & Finance, Policy

Ready for College and Career?

Karin Hess, Brian Gong, and Rebecca Steinitz

March 2014

What does it really take for today’s students to succeed in college and career?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction

Leadership in Action: What is Proficiency-Based Grading?

New England Secondary School Consortium

February 2014

Proficiency-based grades incentivize students to work harder and learn more because progress and effort are recognized and rewarded.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education

A K-12 Federal Policy Framework for Competency Education: Building Capacity for Systems Change

Maria Worthen and Lillian Pace

February 2014

The federal government is in a unique position to catalyze and scale student-centered learning.

Tags: Comptency-Based Education, Policy

Student-Centered Learning: Dozier-Libbey Medical High School

Diane Friedlaender

January 2014

How can student-centered learning help close the opportunity gap?

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction, Equity

Student-Centered Learning: City Arts and Technology High School

Heather Lewis-Charp and Tina Law

January 2014

At City Arts and Technology High School in California, college readiness isn’t just a goal—it’s an expectation.

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction, Equity

Student-Centered Learning: Impact Academy of Arts and Technology

Channa Mae Cook-Harvey

January 2014

In order for students to retain knowledge, they have to apply it.

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction, Equity

Student-Centered Learning: Life Academy of Health and Bioscience

Nickole Richardson and Joe Feldman

January 2014

What does student voice and choice look like?

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction, Equity

College Readiness Meets Global Competence

Katie Bayerl and Eve Goldberg

January 2014

How can a global curriculum help close the achievement gap?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction, Equity

Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education

Chris Sturgis

January 2014

Our A-F grading scheme is undermining the very core purpose of our education system: learning.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education

Gateway Cities Vision for Dynamic Community-Wide Learning Systems

Benjamin Forman, Julianne Viola, and Caroline Koch

November 2013

Massachusetts cities envision community-wide learning systems as the key to successful students, a competent workforce, and a thriving economy.

Education Indicators for Maine 2013

Tanna Clews and Michael E. Dubyak

November 2013

Can all Mainers have a post-secondary degree by 2023?

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Community Voice & Engagement

High Tech High Network: Student-Centered Learning in Action

David Stephen and Eve Goldberg

August 2013

High Tech High is using student-centered approaches to equip students with 21st century skills.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Competency-Based Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction, Personalization

Weaving Skill Ropes: Using Metaphor to Enhance Understanding of Skills and Learning

Michael Erard

March 2013

How does weaving ropes resemble the process of learning? This report from FrameWorks Institute uses this explanatory metaphor to explore how the public talks about learning and the acquisition of cognitive and emotional skills.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Youth Development

The Promise of Extended Learning Opportunities: New, Powerful, and Personalized Options for High School Students

Nicholas C. Donohue

February 2013

NMEF President & CEO Nicholas C. Donohue describes the potential that expanded learning opportunities can bring to a learning ecosystem.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Learning Time, Personalization, Youth Development

Necessary for Success: Building Mastery of World-Class Skills – A State Policymakers Guide to Competency Education

Susan Patrick and Chris Sturgis

February 2013

A modern education system should center on mastery rather than ticking off hours spent at a desk. This issue brief shares insights into re-engineering the policy and practices of the K-12 system to be more student-centered.

Tags: Competency-Based Education, Governance & Finance, Policy, Teachers & School Leaders

Re-Engineering Information Technology Design Considerations for Competency Education

Liz Glowa and Susan Patrick

February 2013

This brief examines components and elements of effective competency-based information systems.

Tags: Competency-Based Education

Leadership in Action: How Does Proficiency-Based Learning Work?

New England Secondary School Consortium

December 2012

Every year, high schools give out thousands of grades, report cards, and diplomas, but students are still unprepared. Can we do better?

More Efficient High Schools in Maine: Emerging Student-Centered Learning Communities

David L. Silvernail and Erika K. Stump

December 2012

This study finds that high-performing and efficient high schools can also be student-centered to enable all learners to obtain the skills, knowledge, and supports necessary to succeed in a 21st century economy.