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The Connected Classroom: Understanding the Landscape of Technology for Student-Centered Learning

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation and Parthenon-EY

December 2015

How can educators leverage technology supports to support student-centered learning?

Tags: Personalization, Technology

Centered on Results: Assessing the Impact of Student-Centered Learning

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

April 2015

A series of studies commissioned by Nellie Mae examine how to ensure that all students – especially those who are underserved – get an opportunity to reach college and career readiness.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College and Career Readiness, Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, Personalization, Technology

Blended Instruction

EDUCATION CONNECTION and Education Development Center (EDC)

April 2015

A student-centered approach to blended instruction can have a positive impact on achievement and 21st century skills, and may narrow the achievement gap for underserved populations.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, Learning Time, Personalization, Technology

Online Courses for Credit Recovery: Promising Practices for High School Teachers

University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute

March 2015

This brief highlights findings from a study of 12 Massachusetts high schools with high dropout rates that developed online credit recovery programs as part of the "MassGrad" initiative.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Learning Time, Technology

How Media Portray Learning Space and Time

Moira O'Neil, Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, and Abigail Haydon

December 2012

In this report, researchers dive into how learning space and time is framed in mainstream news outlets.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Governance & Finance, Learning Time, Policy, Technology

Mapping the Gaps on Assessment

Eric Lindland, Michael Baran, Moira O'Neil, and Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor

November 2012

Researchers map the gaps between the ways that the public and experts think and talk about assessment.

Tags: Assessment, Community Voice & Engagement, Technology

Cognitive Media Analysis on Assessment

Moira O'Neil, Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, and Tia Remington-Bell

November 2012

In this report, researchers dive into how assessment is framed in mainstream news outlets.

Tags: Assessment, Community Voice & Engagement, Technology

Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age

David H. Rose and Jenna W. Gravel

March 2012

New digital technologies can be used to design curricula that are flexible enough to adapt to individual differences.

Tags: Digital, Education, Learning, Technology

Integrating Technology with Student-Centered Learning

Babette Moeller and Tim Reitzes

July 2011

43% of students feel unprepared to use technology as they look ahead to higher education or work life.

Tags: Curriculum & Instruction, Technology