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Teaching and Learning with Technology in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

University of Massachusetts Boston

August 2019

This report explores how features of technology-enhanced classrooms affected students with linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds in an urban secondary school.

Student-Centered Learning Continuum

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

July 2019

This resource is a product of the Foundation’s commitment to student-centered approaches over the past eight years.

Tags: Learning, Student-Centered

Building Power: One Foundation's Story of Funding Grassroots Organizing and Engagement


June 2019

This is the story of Nellie Mae's grassroots organizing and engagement funding.

Supporting Youth Organizing: A Tale of Unexpected Insights


October 2018

Here's how funders can best support youth-led organizations.

The Better Math Teaching Network: Year One: Developmental Evaluation Report

American Institutes for Research

October 2018

This report outlines findings from the first year of the developmental evaluation of the Better Math Teaching Network.

Youth Organizing: A Model for Change


August 2018

Here's how different models of youth organizing can support sustainable change.

The Better Math Teaching Network: Lessons Learned from the First Year

American Institutes for Research

April 2018

What are key findings from the Better Math Teaching Network's first full year of implementation?

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction, Teachers & School Leaders

Quality and Equity by Design: Charting the Course for the Next Phase of Competency-Based Education


October 2017

How can the education field best advance through the next wave of competency-based learning innovation and implementation?

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Competency-Based Education

The Landscape Analysis of Personalized Learning in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Personalized Learning Edtech (MAPLE) Consortium

October 2017

What does personalized learning look like in Massachusetts public schools?

Tags: Massachusetts, personalization

Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered, Personalized Education

Jobs for the Future and the Council of Chief State School Officers

September 2017

What knowledge, skills, and dispositions must leaders master in order to build student-centered schools and learning environments?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Teachers & School Leaders

CBE 360 Survey Toolkit

American Institutes for Research (AIR)

September 2017

This toolkit is designed to help schools and districts gather high-quality formative data to gauge progress towards and guide improvement efforts across various stages of competency education implementation. 

Tags: Competency-Based Education, Curriculum & Instruction

How Family, School, and Community Engagement Can Improve Student Achievement and Influence School Reform

Lacy Wood and Emily Bauman

June 2017

What are the key components (practices, challenges, conditions, goals, and outcomes) of promising family-school partnerships that support school- and district-level reform?

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement

An Introduction to the National Summit on K-12 Competency-Based Education

Chris Sturgis and Susan Patrick

June 2017

This paper provides an overview of the goals of the National Summit on K-12 Competency-Based Education, the four papers that form the basis of discussion at the Summit, and a glossary of terms used in the four papers.

Tags: Competency-Based Education, Equity

Online Courses For Credit Recovery In High Schools: Effectiveness And Promising Practices

UMass Donahue Institute

April 2017

How effective is online credit recovery at increasing student engagement and achievement?

Tags: Assessment, College & Career Readiness, Competency-Based Education

Low-Stakes Completion-Based Funding: A New Approach to Financing Competency-Based Education

Florida SouthWestern State College

November 2016

Tags: Competency-Based Education, Governance & Finance

Results from a Two-Year Study of the Effects of Extended Learning Opportunities on Student Outcomes in New Hampshire

Research for Action

November 2016

What are the effects of ELO participation on short-term and longer-term student outcomes?

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Extended Learning Opportunities

Education Indicators for Maine 2016

Educate Maine

October 2016

Is Maine on track to see 70% of eleventh grade students proficient in reading and math by 2019?

Tags: College & Career Readiness, Community Voice & Engagement

Looking Under The Hood Of Competency-Based Education

American Institutes for Research

June 2016

What is the relationship between competency-based education practices and students’ learning skills, behaviors, and dispositions?

Tags: Competency-Based Assessment, Competency-Based Education

Seizing the Moment: Realizing the Promise of Student-Centered Learning

Our Piece of the Pie

May 2016

This brief outlines policy recommendations for supporting student-centered learning at the local, state, and federal level.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, personalization, policy

A Qualitative Study of Student-Centered Learning Practices in New England High Schools

Gabriel Reif, M.Ed., Greta Shultz, Ed.D. and Steven Ellis, M.P.A.

April 2016

What does student-centered learning look like in New England high schools?

Tags: Competency-Based Education, personalization, Student Voice & Agency