Michael Carey Nellie Mae Education Foundation NME

Michael Carey


“The overall mission of the Foundation has always been important to me. Supporting traditionally marginalized populations in education is a vital need, which is often forgotten or not prioritized.”

Michael Carey joined the Foundation in 2000.

Michael brings a strong background in financial management to his role in overseeing the Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s financial operations.

Since 2019, Michael has been proud to partner with the Board of Directors Investment Committee and outside investment counsel, to increase the Foundation’s investments in women and underrepresented groups.  During the past three years, the Foundation’s portfolio grew the percentage of investments with underrepresented groups from 6.1% to 36.2%, while women’s ownership levels increased from 35.8% to 45.9%.

Internally, Michael has led the Foundation in making significant progress in working toward compensation equity.  Through partnering with an outside compensation consultant, the Foundation moved from a negotiable individual position comparison to an open transparent system of job levels creating equity aligning with responsibility.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Michael worked for four years as an Accounting Manager for the Flatley Company’s commercial division. Before that, he spent 13 years working for various public accounting firms.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bentley College and received his CPA license in 1990.