Jessica Spohn Nellie Mae Education Foundation NME Staff

Jessica Spohn


“I have been committed to education change for the better part of 30 years, and things have not necessarily improved for the folks who need change the most. A radical departure from the way people think about education reform is needed. An approach – which says it’s the access to opportunities that are important, rather than the when and how – could yield real outcomes.”

As Program Director at the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Jessica Spohn is leading efforts to reshape education across New England. She works in the Foundation’s Effective Systems Design Initiative that supports the transformation of state and local policy and practice towards student-centered learning approaches. Jessica has more than 30 years of experience as an educator, working in elementary, secondary, and adult basic education. For six years, she was Director of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) to College Transition Project at World Education, where she managed efforts to help adult learners gain access to – and persist – in college.

Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College and a master’s degree in education from Hunter College.