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Initiative Grantee Date Amount City State
Build Public Understanding & Demand Educate Maine
Educate Maine
The mission of Educate Maine is to champion college and career readiness and increased education attainment in the state of Maine.

Project Description 
This grant will support Educate Maine as the backbone organization for the College and Career Readiness Alliance effort in Maine in its second year.
3/1/2018 $150,000 Portland ME
Presidents Brandeis University
Brandeis University
Brandeis University is a private research university with a liberal arts focus in Waltham/Boston, Massachusetts.

Project Description 
This is a research proposal for a multi-stage study to apply the relational coordination framework to strengthen student-centered learning and school performance in the New England region.    The study will document change methods through a process evaluation, including the analysis and interpretation of data such as meeting notes and interviews with change team members and key stakeholders, and other communications throughout the change process to determine whether the interventions implemented were consistent with the intent.
3/1/2018 $74,269 Waltham MA
Develop Effective Systems Designs The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc
The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc
The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc. improves the educational achievement of students by promoting improved practices in educational assessment and accountability.

Project Description 
This grant will support the Center on Assessment in its technical expertise support for the NH DOE on its application in response to ESSA section 1204 for demonstration authority on new systems of assessment, with proposal due to the US DOE by April 2, 2018.
2/19/2018 $59,000 Dover NH
Build Public Understanding & Demand Providence Student Union
Providence Student Union
The Providence Student Union (PSU) is a youth-led student organizing group whose mission is to build the collective power of students across Providence to ensure youth have a real say in the decisions affecting their education.

Project Description 
This grant will support Providence Students Union ongoing work, including work on the Student Bill of Rights, and providing leadership opportunities for youth and campaigns that promote student-centered practices.
2/19/2018 $30,000 Providence RI
Presidents Sociedad Latina 
Sociedad Latina 
Sociedad Latina pioneers new and innovative solutions to the most pressing issues facing Latino youth today. Sociedad Latina supports positive youth development from age 10-21, creates a community that supports young people, and trains all youth to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Project Description 
This grant will support the efforts of the Greater Boston Latino Network to grow its work beyond Boston, to sustain Latino leadership and influence policy.
2/14/2018 $50,000 Roxbury MA
Presidents YW Boston
YW Boston
YW Boston is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Project Description 
This grant will support the development of a strategic plan that creates a focused portfolio of programs at YW Boston. The leadership team is participating in Bridgespan’s two-year “Leading for Impact” Program, which will support work to achieve strategic clarity and better define YW Boston's intended impact.
2/14/2018 $25,000 Boston MA
Grant Opportunities Grantmakers for Education
Grantmakers for Education
Grantmakers for Education (GFE) is a membership organization of hundreds of grantmaking organizations across the nation working to improve outcomes and expand opportunities for learners across the education spectrum, from early learning through postsecondary and workforce development.

Project Description 
This sponsorship will support the 2018 Education Grantmakers Institute: Political and Social Equity in Education. The Institute will provide opportunity for education funders to ask important questions about the development of education policy, such as: What are the key challenges and opportunities in addressing equity in education policy and social justice? What voices are absent in policy development that need to be included to ensure equity? What are the economic implications of local and national policy decisions? How can philanthropic organizations ensure the alignment between policy making and social justice?
2/14/2018 $5,000 Portland OR
Build Public Understanding & Demand Young Voices 
Young Voices 
Young Voices empowers youth to become confident civic leaders and advocates in their communities. The group teaches youth to understand issues, think strategically, speak out and lead.

Project Description
Young Voices will continue to build public understanding and support for student-centered learning in several Rhode Island schools. The grant will also support their inclusion at the 2018 Youth Leadership Institute.
1/31/2018 $30,000 Providence RI
Build Public Understanding & Demand Granite State Organizing Project 
Granite State Organizing Project 
The Granite State Organizing Project (GSOP) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization rooted in faith and democratic values and includes 28 religious, labor, and community organizations representing 40,000 New Hampshire families.

Project Description
This grant will support Granite State Organizing Project's ongoing work to build public understanding and demand for student-centered learning in Manchester, NH. Funds will be dedicated to support youth's exposure to student-centered schools, oversee the implementation of new policies that are the results of their earlier campaigns, and involvement in the New England Youth Organizing Network (NEYON) and attendance at the Youth Leadership Institute.
1/31/2018 $30,000 Manchester NH
Build Public Understanding & Demand COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc.
COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc.
COMPASS Youth Collaborative Inc. is a nonprofit youth services organization whose purpose is to raise the expectations of youth, inspire the lives of families and build peace within the community. In partnership with school officials, parents, the community and other organizations, COMPASS endeavors to equip youth with the skills and attitude necessary for success in school and in life.

Project Description
The grant will support COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc.’s efforts to implement restorative justice practices in two Hartford schools, as well as restorative justice training for its youth.
1/31/2018 $65,000 Hartford CT