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Build Public Understanding & Demand Worcester State University Foundation

Worcester State University Foundation 

The Latino Education Institute (LEI) at Worcester State University (WSU) was founded in 2000 by a partnership of community leaders to narrow the achievement gap in education through research, policy development, and the provision of outcomes. The LEI provides 7 signature programs that model family-school involvement, reduce school dropout rates, and improves enrollment in higher education. Last year 2,100 families, ages 5 to 80, were served and currently all programs have a waiting list. 

Grant Description  

Grant will support the Youth Civic Union's ongoing work in Worcester. With this grant they will host a youth summit and incorporate a HS and college credit-bearing course on youth participatory research while continuing their engagement with NEYON. 

7/23/2019 $30,000 Worcester MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Great Schools Partnership

Great Schools Partnership 

The mission of Great Schools Partnership is to develop and advocate for sustainable educational policies, effective school leadership, proven instructional practices, and student-centered learning models built on strong community connections. 

Grant Description  

GSP provides coaches to serve on the technical assistance teams in coordination with Everyday Democracy, adding additional support and capacity to those coaching teams working with district and community leadership. Their inclusion on the TA teams added needed education systems expertise, and an ability to navigate the sensitivities and dynamics of a school environment. This is a renewal of that TA function. 

7/23/2019 $389,500 Portland ME
Build Public Understanding & Demand TSNE MissionWorks

TSNE MissionWorks 

TSNE MissionWorks provides information and services to build the knowledge, power, and effectiveness of individuals, organizations and groups that engage people in community and public life. The ultimate intention of their work is to create a more just and democratic society. 

Grant Description 

Third Sector New England will serve as a fiscal sponsor for this grant for work performed by Everyday Democracy. Everyday Democracy will serve as technical assistance provider for communities, districts, organizations and individuals for the school and community engagement project within the Foundation’s Public Understanding & Demand initiative. Specifically, Everyday Democracy will bring its years of experience and public engagement expertise to guide local leaders in facilitating authentic, future-focused civic participation on issues related to public education and the future of learning. 

7/23/2019 $431,657 Boston MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Holyoke High School

Holyoke High School 

Holyoke High School's mission is to ensure that all students are provided the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to graduate prepared to pursue higher education without remediation and/or a rewarding career and to function as responsible citizens in a diverse society. 

Grant Description  

This grant will support Pa'lante's ongoing work in Holyoke MA. Some work that funds will support include restorative justice work, participation in a conference, and engagement with NEYON. 

7/23/2019 $30,000 Holyoke MA
Build Educator Ownership, Leadership and Capacity Somerville Public Schools

Somerville Public Schools 

Somerville Public Schools is a multicultural school community dedicated to the realization of the full intellectual, physical, social, and emotional potential of all students. In this pursuit, they shall maintain a safe environment that nurtures the curiosity, dignity and self-worth of each individual. 

Grant Description 

Somerville Public Schools will continue to work with Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC ) during the piloting and implementation phases of the Educator Leadership Initiative, and support SPS to implement five key overlapping phases: 1. Piloting of high leverage pathway roles and practices developed through the initial planning phase, through a continuous improvement approach; 2. Refining and executing a phased roll-out and implementation plan; 3. Capacity building and professional development on educator leadership competencies; 4. Developing and aligning system structures, policies, and processes for effective implementation, distributed decision-making, and sustainability; 5. Establishing a partnership with a credentialed organization for an administrative licensure pathway. 

7/15/2019 $260,000 Somerville MA
Build Quality and Rigor of Student-Centered Practices RAND Corporation

RAND Corporation 

The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. RAND's research and analysis addresses issues that impact people around the world including security, health, education, sustainability, growth, and development. All RAND work, every publication, database, or major briefing, is held to a rigorous review process. 

Grant Description 

RAND has developed a toolkit to support school systems to measure student-centered learning (SCL) in high schools. RAND is now in the process of collecting validity and reliability evidence to ensure that the SCL surveys and other instruments that are part of the toolkit are measuring what they are intended to measure (i.e., SCL implementation in schools and classrooms). The additional funds they are requesting as part of this project would be intended to: make any final revisions to the SCL Toolkit based on what they have learned through our validity and reliability study; and create tools (e.g., using Excel, Google forms or another survey platform) to help school systems efficiently collect SCL data using the Toolkit and analyze those data. 

7/15/2019 $60,056 Pittsburgh PA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Center for Artistry and Scholarship

Center for Artistry and Scholarship 

The Center for Artistry and Scholarship develops and supports innovative and tenacious leaders in education to build more equitable, collaborative and creative communities. 


Grant Description 

The Next Wave summit will take place on October 19 at Orchard Gardens K-8 pilot school in Boston. Next Wave will gather students, educators, administrators, policymakers, funders, and families to highlight, celebrate, and advance our collective commitment to the belief that the people who are closest to and most immediately affected by opportunities and challenges in schools are those who must lead the way to develop responses, strategies, and solutions. 

7/15/2019 $5,000 Dorchester MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Education Reimagined

Education Reimagined 

Education Reimagined commits to the idea that learner-centered education be available to every child, regardless of background or circumstance. They are guided by a transformational vision for the future of education created by 28 ideologically diverse education stakeholders brought together to reimagine education. 

Grant Description 

This is an exit grant to Education Reimagined for support of their work to spread learner-centered education across the country. 

7/15/2019 $250,343 Washington DC
Build Educator Ownership, Leadership and Capacity Boston Educational Development Foundation

Boston Educational Development Foundation 

BEDF is organized for the purpose of improving educational opportunities for the students of the Boston Public Schools (BPS) by developing and providing for innovative educational and staff development programs; by assisting and facilitating management operations; by providing incentives and scholarships for students; and by serving the general needs of BPS in furtherance of the educational aims and goals of BPS. 

Grant Description 

Boston Public Schools seeks to improve and personalize professional learning for high school teachers by empowering teachers and bringing their voices and experience to district level decision-making about professional learning. The Telescope Network uses an organizing frame to build a stronger context-informed process of needs assessment coordinated by the “Networker,” an innovative teacher leadership role established through the previous grant. The Networker connects teachers with shared learning interests to one another by coordinating a series of innovative, job-embedded, teacher-led professional learning models. Along with the district High School Academics Team. 

7/12/2019 $264,817 Roxbury MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University 

Roger Williams University is a leading higher education institution serving over 6,500 students through our Undergraduate, Graduate, Law and Continuing Studies programs on two campuses in Bristol and Providence Rhode Island. The Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE) is a new initiative at RWU, located at the School of Continuing Studies in downtown Providence, RI. 

Grant Description 

The grant is a rapid response to community concerns that surfaced as a result of a report on the status of Providence Public Schools. CYCLE will lead grassroots work to address community concerns. 

7/12/2019 $15,000 Bristol RI