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Initiative Grantee Date Amount City State
Build Public Understanding & Demand Hartford Parent University

Hartford Parent University 

The mission of Hartford Parent University is to mobilize parent power and encourage greater family involvement in developing a lasting learning partnership in which parents support their children in achieving academic and personal success. 

Grant Description 

This is the final grant to HPU as the LCP in Hartford. 

10/8/2019 $85,000 Hartford CT
Build Public Understanding & Demand Youth in Action

Youth in Action 

YIA is a partnership between youth, adults, and community where youth are supported to be at the forefront of creating positive social change. 

Grant Description 

This grant will continue to support YIA youth voice and the Youth Leadership Institute, plus contribute to solidifying youth's support of SCL. 

9/10/2019 $30,000 Providence RI
Build Public Understanding & Demand KnowledgeWorks Foundation

KnowledgeWorks Foundation  

By delivering innovative education approaches and advancing aligned policies, KnowledgeWorks activates and develops the capacity of communities and educators to imagine, build and sustain vibrant learning ecosystems that allow each student to thrive. 

Grant Description 

This grant is for the final year of funding for the Students at the Center Hub, which will be housed at KnowledgeWorks. The Hub is a go-to resource for the field interested in learning more about student-centered approaches to learning. Over the past year or so, the Hub has intentionally increased its focused on creating and curating resources focused on SCL and equity. During this grant year, KnowledgeWorks will develop a plan for sustainability of the Hub beyond NMEF funding. 

9/10/2019 $250,000 Cincinnati OH
Build Public Understanding & Demand Hyde Square Task Force

Hyde Square Task Force 

The mission of the HSTF is to develop the skills of at-risk youth so they are empowered to enhance their own lives and build strong, vibrant communities. HSTF mplements a youth community development approach with an emphasis on civic engagement, community organizing and leadership development. Their vision is a dynamic, peaceful urban society where at-risk young people acquire the skills they need to succeed in life and to advocate successfully for themselves, and schools and their community. 

Grant Description 

Hyde Square Task Force’s 8th Annual Making Change Happen Breakfast will take place on Friday, December 6, 2019 at WilmerHale in downtown Boston. Building off of last year’s event, which brought together Boston’s Mayor Walsh, Senator Chang-Diaz, Representative Elugardo, Councilor O’Malley among other elected officials, business leaders, and supporters, HSTF will offer a chance to view their work up close. HSTF will also present their Emerging, Inspiring, and Corporate Leader awards to program alumni, community leaders, and corporations that embody our mission in their own work. 

9/10/2019 $5,000 Jamaica Plain MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Next Leadership Development Corporation

Next Leadership Development Corporation 

Next Leadership Development Corporation (NLDC) is a nonprofit organization with a network of Black people who are stepping into their social, cultural, financial, and political power to make change in their own communities before, during, and after emergencies. 

Grant Description 

Next Leadership Development Corporation, in conjunction with Tayla Andre, TCGT Entertainment, and All Aces, Inc. presents “Jane Elliott: Why Is There a Need for Racial Equality in 2019?” at Boston’s famous Strand Theatre on Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 4PM to 8PM. This will be the first time in her legendary career that Mrs. Elliott comes to Boston. The goal for this event is to teach the community, employers, educators, medical providers, non-profit organizations and the like how to unlearn hidden prejudices that continue to be a generational plague. 

9/10/2019 $5,000 Boston MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Lewiston Public Schools

Lewiston Public Schools 

Lewiston Public Schools serve over 4,900 students with more than 600 certified and support staff in nine community schools. Administrators and teachers recognize the importance of students' aspirations and are committed to the belief that all children can succeed. Collectively, they strive for high standards in learning as they develop and nurture students who will help lead the community in the next century. Strong partnerships with family, businesses, and service agencies provide immense support and strengthen Lewiston schools. Excellent schools are crucial to the community's vitality, growth, and cultural development. 

Grant Description 

This is a capacity-building grant for Lewiston, ME, which is entering their final year as part of the PU&D engagement project. With this grant, they will work with Everyday Democracy and Great Schools Partnership to develop a comprehensive engagement plan, aimed at reaching a diverse coalition of student, family, and community stakeholders and to embed the principles of authentic engagement into the district and school priorities and activities. 

9/10/2019 $20,000 Lewiston MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Worcester State University Foundation

Worcester State University Foundation 

The Latino Education Institute (LEI) at Worcester State University (WSU) was founded in 2000 by a partnership of community leaders to narrow the achievement gap in education through research, policy development, and the provision of outcomes. The LEI provides 7 signature programs that model family-school involvement, reduce school dropout rates, and improves enrollment in higher education. Last year 2,100 families, ages 5 to 80, were served and currently all programs have a waiting list. 

Grant Description 

In Pursuit of Equity, Accountability and Success: Latinx Students in Massachusetts is a multi-year initiative that will kick-off with a regional conference on Friday, October 4, 2019. The focus of this statewide symposium is to unite multiple systems and sectors around community, policy, and practitioner-centered solutions to addressing the current system of unequal outcomes in educational attainment and institutional treatment. The goal is to raise long-term success outcomes among Latinx students through an equity lens priority. 

8/23/2019 $5,000 Worcester MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Youth on Board

Youth on Board 

YOB supports the power of students to transform their communities by recognizing that when young people are fully engaged—when their voices are heard, their opinions matter, and their unique perspective is respected—they commit themselves to making their schools, their communities, and their own lives better. 

Grant Description 

On October 1-4, 2019, Youth on Board will host 40-50 leaders from broad, intersectional and intergenerational movements, like education and racial equity, to join in a three-day intensive convening in Boston to share best practices and tools that will allow them to have the greatest possible impact for the millions of people that depend on their ability to build power and win. YOB has heard repeatedly from their colleagues and networks that this type of convening and support is timely and that the slots will fill up quickly Priority will be given to youth organizers and organizers of color and from other marginalized and frontline communities who operate from a racial equity lens and who work to influence systems stakeholders or participate in voter engagement efforts. 

8/23/2019 $10,000 Somerville MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Education Writers Association

Education Writers Association 

As the professional organization of members of the media who cover education at all levels, EWA has worked for more than 65 years to help journalists get the story right. Today, EWA has more than 3,000 members benefiting from our high-quality programs, training, information, support, and recognition. Benefiting from the vision of a dynamic board of directors, EWA is reinvigorating long-standing services while opening new avenues for members to connect, learn, and access individual assistance. 

Grant Description 

EWA will continue its work of supporting the continued growth of student-centered approaches to learning and access to this field among journalists in New England. Funding will support their goals to (1) increase public understanding of student-centered approaches to learning, both where these approaches are employed and where they are not; (2) increase the ability of New England education journalists to access information to support stories about SCL approaches; and (3) support the substantive coverage of SCL approaches and dismantling racial inequities in the public education system. 

8/23/2019 $50,000 New York NY
Build Public Understanding & Demand Teachers College Columbia University

Teachers College Columbia University 

Teachers College sees its leadership role in two complementary arenas. One is as a major player in policy-making to ensure that schools are reformed and restructured to welcome all students regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. The other is in preparing educators who not only serve students directly but also coordinate the educational, psychological, behavioral, technological, and health initiatives to remove barriers to learning at all ages. 

Grant Description 

The New England Reporting Initiative allows The Hechinger Report to expand their reporting on student-centered learning, racial equity, and other education innovations gaining traction throughout the New England region. 

8/23/2019 $50,000 New York NY