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Develop Effective Systems Designs Rhode Island Kids Count

Rhode Island Kids Count 

An independent organization backed by the best research and data available, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT brings together people from across the community, including child advocates and religious leaders, educators and pediatricians, parents and volunteers, nonprofit leaders and state agency directors to address the problems facing the state’s children and families. Rhode Island KIDS COUNT is a statewide children’s policy organization dedicated to improving the health, safety, education, economic well-being, and development of Rhode Island’s children. 

Project Description 

This grant is for a 4th year of support for RI KIDS COUNT in their work on state policies that support equitable opportunities and outcomes for student-centered learning and college and career readiness.

11/12/2018 $159,374 Providence RI
Build Public Understanding & Demand Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University 

Roger Williams University (RWU) is a leading higher education institution serving over 6,500 students through our Undergraduate, Graduate, Law and Continuing Studies programs on two campuses in Bristol and Providence Rhode Island. The Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE) is a new initiative at RWU, located at the School of Continuing Studies in downtown Providence, RI. 

Project Description 

This grant will support CYCLE's work with NEYON. Funds will be used to cover mini-grants to youth groups that will work with CYCLE on strengthening the NEYON learning community.  
As NEYON takes full responsibility for the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), they will allocate $16,000 of the grant toward securing a venue by the end of 2018.

10/24/2018 $116,052 Bristol RI
Develop Effective Systems Designs Great Schools Partnership

Great Schools Partnership 

The Great Schools Partnership is a nonprofit school-support organization working to develop and advocate for sustainable educational policies, effective school leadership, proven instructional practices, and student-centered learning models built on strong community connections. 

Project Description  

This grant to GSP is to support their intermediary role in support of the New England Secondary School Consortium of all six states.

10/24/2018 $450,000 Portland ME
Build Public Understanding & Demand National Public Education Support Fund

National Public Education Support Fund 

The National Public Education Support Fund’s mission, simply stated, is to promote the opportunity for all children to receive an excellent education from birth through college and career.  This purpose is not the province of a singular organization, institution, or moment in time.  It requires many hands – and hearts and minds – working together across generations to continually regenerate the power of public education as the engine for our social progress and economic vitality.  It requires a dynamic ecosystem of community and parent leaders, educators, policymakers, advocates, and funding partners with a shared commitment to inclusive systems for schooling and supports that respect and engage students and families in all their diversity.  The National Public Education Support Fund’s strategy is to nourish that ecosystem and harness the power of our collective experience and resources to strengthen and sustain the healthy learning environments that all children deserve and need to thrive. 

Project Description 

This grant is for continued support for the Partnership for the Future of Learning, with aligned strategies of Shared Story, Shared Policy work, and Key Places all in support of quality public education for all as a public good.

10/24/2018 $350,001 Washington DC
Develop Effective Systems Designs TSNE MissionWorks

TSNE MissionWorks 

In June 2017, Third Sector New England became TSNE MissionWorks, a name that speaks to their ongoing investment in the missions of their clients and partners, and their collaborations far beyond the borders of New England. Along with their new name, they gained a new tagline: Partners in Social Change. These words speak to their role as a committed partner to mission-driven organizations—and the role of those partnerships in driving social change. TSNE MissionWorks provides information and services to build the knowledge, power, and effectiveness of individuals, organizations and groups that engage people in community and public life. The ultimate intention of their work is to create a more just and democratic society. 

Project Description 

This grant is for continued general support for the Connecticut School Finance project as it works to support more equitable and adequate funding for public K-12 education in Connecticut. 


10/12/2018 $126,848 Boston MA
Time Public Agenda, Inc.

Public Agenda, Inc. 

Public Agenda is a nonprofit organization that helps diverse leaders and citizens navigate divisive, complex issues. Through nonpartisan research and engagement, they provide people with the insights and support they need to arrive at workable solutions on critical issues, regardless of their differences. 

Project Description 

This grant will support the design and dissemination of a discussion guide for Addressing Bias-Based Incidents in Schools, which the Foundation supported. We did not include funds for design and dissemination in the initial grant.

10/12/2018 $7,500 Brooklyn NY
Build Public Understanding & Demand Reaching Higher NH
Reaching Higher NH
Reaching Higher NH’s mission is to foster support for high standards in public schools, giving all New Hampshire children the opportunity to prepare for college, for immediate careers, and for the challenges and opportunities of life in 21st Century New Hampshire. The group serves as a nonpartisan 501c3 public education policy and community engagement resource for New Hampshire families, educators, and elected officials.

Project Description 

This one-year grant of $150,000 will support Reaching Higher NH from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019 for their work leading the New Hampshire Alliance for College and Career Readiness (Alliance). The Alliance will bring together key grasstops education, business, and community leaders as well as grassroots organizations and leaders from across the state to focus on two coordinated efforts: policy engagement at the state level that leverages influencers and community advocates; and direct support to communities to strengthen locally-developed and owned strategies to improve college and career readiness.

10/3/2018 $150,000 Concord NH
Build Public Understanding & Demand Youth In Action

Youth In Action 

YIA is a partnership between youth, adults, and community where youth are supported to be at the forefront of creating positive social change. YIA supports urban teens to reach their personal leadership goals, enroll in higher education, and create positive change in their communities. 

Project Description 

This grant will continue to support YIA youth voice and the Youth Leadership Institute and will contribute to solidifying youth's support of student-centered learning.

9/28/2018 $30,000 Providence RI
Build Public Understanding & Demand Lewiston Public Schools

Lewiston Public Schools 

Lewiston Public Schools (LPS) is a school district headquartered in Lewiston, Maine.  

Project Description 

This is a capacity-building grant for Lewiston, ME, which is entering their second year as part of the PU&D engagement project. With this grant, they will work with Everyday Democracy and Great Schools Partnership to develop a comprehensive engagement plan, aimed at reaching a diverse coalition of student, family, and community stakeholders and to embed the principles of authentic engagement into the district and school priorities and activities.

9/28/2018 $20,000 Lewiston ME
Build Public Understanding & Demand SAU #6

SAU #6 

SAU #6 is comprised of two school districts, Claremont and Unity. Claremont School District has 3 elementary schools, a middle school, high school and regional technical center. Additionally, it has a preschool center and an adult learning center. Unity School District is a K-8 school.   

Project Description 

This is a capacity-building grant for Claremont, NH, which is entering their third year as part of the PU&D engagement project. With this grant, they will work with Everyday Democracy and Great Schools Partnership to implement their engagement strategy, which was developed as part of their year 1 funding. This includes integrating engagement strategies into the district's day-to-day operations, recruiting and developing a local coalition to support the engagement work, and networking with other districts and schools carrying our similar strategies.

9/28/2018 $10,000 Claremont NH