Foundation Staff

Delia Arellano-Weddleton

Senior Program Officer

Doreen Bergstrom

Administrative Assistant

Susan Borden

Senior Administrative Assistant

Walter Chacón

Strategic Learning & Evaluation Systems Associate

Stephanie Cheney

Senior Manager, Grants and Special Programs

Nina Culbertson

Senior Research Associate

Alexis Harewood

Program Officer

Ruby Irish

Administrative Assistant to VP of Programs

Khaled Khlifi

Research Assistant

Maura Langelier

General Accountant

Stephanie Lerner

Senior Associate for Strategic Learning and Evaluation

Paul Marsh

Information Technology Manager

George Mastoras

Communications Manager

Lucas Orwig

Program Officer

Marcos Popovich

Program Officer

Jessica Spohn

Program Director

Ellen Wang

Program Officer

Chiara Wegener

External Affairs Manager

Pamela White

Assistant to the President